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About Us

The Saint Ferdinand Catholic Community is dedicated to our patron
Saint Ferdinand of Castile (c. 1199 -1252). A wise ruler and an
excellent administrator. Saint Ferdinand became the king of Castile at
the age of 18, and then, after the death of his father, assumed the
kingship of Laon, where he governed for 35 years. He died on May 30
and was buried in the habit of a friar minor at the Cathedral of Seville.

He was canonized in 1671.


During his life, Saint Ferdinand lead and defended his people, built up the Church, and achieved peace among various factions. His life and work serves as a daily reminder to us to be united with one another in building up the Kingdom of God here on the northwest side of Chicago.

Saint Ferdinand is know as the patron saint of soldiers.


At the conclusion of our parish's 75th Anniversary, a statue of our
patron was commissioned and dedicated. The Saint Ferdinand Statue
and Garden are located on Mason Avenue at the northwest side of our

parish property.


St. Ferdinand is made up of numerous ethnic groups, each with its own unique culture and traditions. We believe diversity should be celebrated by highlighting each group and its own special identity.


Over the years we have been able to provide a growing number of activities and programs to celebrate both the diversity of our parish
families and the unity in our faith. Currently, we celebrate nine Masses 
each weekend in two languages - English and Polish.

Our Priests

Fr. Peter Gnoinski


Fr. Lukasz Górzyński

Associate Pastor

Fr. Marek Duran

Weekend Helper

Missionary Sisters of Christ the King

Sr. Zofia Turczyn


Sr. Agnes Michna

Children Ministry

Office Staff

Grażyna Letkiewicz


Br. Dr. James Drangsholt

Director of Music & English Liturgy

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