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Wedding Music
About Wedding Music

St Ferdinand Church is one of the parishes which allow their parishioners to choose a musician for their wedding. 


The most important goal of liturgical music is to help people pray. Musical selections should express not only the faith of the couple, but also the common faith of the whole Church regarding the Sacrament of Marriage. It is for this reason that secular music is NOT appropriate during the wedding ceremony. Music should be Scripturally-based, simple, and singable so that those assembled may actively participate.


Below, you will find a list of music pieces that can be performed during wedding ceremony. Please send your selections by e-mail to our music director or call in order  to give your list.

The list presented below is not a complete list of wedding music. If you would like other music to be performed during the Mass, please contact our director of music.


Additionally, we strongly recommend hiring one of our cantors who will not only perform "Ave Maria" or "Panis Angelicus" but will sing throughout the whole mass adding a festive, special, and unforgettable dimension to the wedding ceremony. 

Wedding Music List



Let's Plan Together Your Wedding Music

Br. Dr. James Drangsholt 

Director of Music and Liturgy


tel. 773.622.5900 ext. 247

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