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Volunteers Information

Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer at our church. Please read this packet carefully, as it contains the requirements for being a special program teacher employee and volunteers how to complete those requirements. Please fill out and return all papers contained in this packet to the parish office before beginning your volunteer work.


The Archdiocese of Chicago requires that employees and volunteers working in Catholic parishes complete the safe environment protocols for the protection of children and youth before service begins. Parents and guardians shall complete the Safe Environment Requirements before participating as a volunteer in the school or church as a chaperone, coach, tutor, or in any other capacity with students.


The following Safe Environment Requirements must be completed by all school and parish volunteers over Age 18:


  • Attend VIRTUS/PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN FOR ADULTS™ before beginning a volunteer position in our parish. All adults over age 18 must pre-register online to attend this one time, 3 hour training. You will also complete a background check through VIRTUS. Additionally, you will need to take an online refresher course every 3 years.

  • CANTS 689 Form (Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System) submitted annually to the school office.

  • CANTS 22 Form:  Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status

  • Mandated Reporter Training: Completed every 3 years

  • Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior: This is found on your Virtus account. Please download a copy and digitally sign. Paper copies are available upon request.

  • You must first establish/maintain a Virtus account and complete a background  check through the Virtus system. (If your account is currently INACTIVE, please contact Xochilt Aleman to re-activate: Many accounts were marked as inactivate last year during Covid restrictions)

  • A copy of your Virtus certificate

  • Mandated Reporter Certificate of Completion, online class

  • Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior form (completed through your Virtus account)

  • CANTS 689 Form (Annual Form: Background Check, included in this packet)

  • CANTS 22 Form (Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status, included in this packet) 

To Register for Virtus: 

Go to the VIRTUS website at

  • Follow the on screen directions to select and register for a training session/complete a background check.  

  • Sessions are available either in-person or online

  • Upon receiving the Certificate of Attendance, please make a copy and submit to the school office.


Mandated Reporter Online Class: 

Go to the DCFS Mandated Reporter Training website at

  • You will register for an account as a new user, and follow the on-screen instructions to take the training. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete

  • At the end of your session, you will need to print out the certificate. Either turn in the printout of the certificate, or email the certificate to

For more information on Archdiocesan volunteer and training requirements, please visit the Office for the Protection of Children and Youth at:


Contained in the buttons on the left side, you will find the CANTS 689 form and CANTS 22 form. Please review them carefully. When you are finish signing and filing them out, please return them to the office.


If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance in the volunteer paperwork process, please contact me at the church office (773.622.5900), or email me at:

Please note, your VIRTUS training and paperwork need to be completed and turned in prior to volunteering at any parish or school events.


Thank you for your time and your interest in serving our parish. 



Xochilt Aleman

Parish Virtus Coordinator



Click on the image below to download document

Click on the image below to download document

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